Traditional Catholic Online Education

Corpus Christi Academy, a traditional online Catholic 9-12 school staffed by Traditional Catholic Faculty & Staff, will offer a unique educational alternative imparting to its students an abiding faith and love of God, respect for themselves and others, and a true love of country delivered in a 21st Century mode.

Being an online Academy, Corpus Christi Academy will be available around the world 24 hous a day. We are absolutely dedicated to excellence both in education and the salvation of souls. The Curriculum and e-Pedagogy was designed to accomplish this end by teaching students to gain a deep understanding and commitment to the Roman Catholic Faith; to learn and appreciate the traditions and values of a Catholic culture and the means whereby these may be preserved in the modern world; to develop solid academic skills in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, speaking and critical thinking; and to gain an appreciation of the fine arts.

The asynchronous nature of content delivery and the interaction between teacher/tutor and student provides a unique bond not found in "brick & mortar" schools and helps to ensure that no student is neglected or overlooked. Inspired by the teachings of our Divine Lord Jesus Christ, Corpus Christi Academy, a private Catholic school, prepares young men and women to recognize and choose good, to contribute to a moral society, and to be the future leaders of the 21st century.